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Tucson Pilates Shop (Located Inside Mid-Valley Athletic Club) is equipped with the highest quality STOTT Rehab Reformers.  All of our reformers are fitted with half cadilllacs giving our instructors the ability to provide our clients with versatile, world-class workouts.  Clients can enjoy the work of both reformer and cadillac, even in a small group setting! 

We opened our doors in January of 2012 and have aquired a team of instructors that come with outsanding educations and specialized credentials.


Mischala Grill PhD,
Mischala Grill is a life-long fitness enthusiast who loves to share her knowledge and excitment with others!  She began teaching fitness classes in 1999 during her graduate studies at the University of Arizona.  Upon completion of her PhD in Cell Biology and Anatomy, she continued to pursue both fitness and teaching including Pilates equipment certification from Arizona Pilates Academy.  She has taught a variety of class styles and trained clients of various abilities and backgrounds over the years.  Mischala's interests in Human Physiology and understanding the body mechanics have led her to teach with the philosophy of creating balance in the body as the key to health and well being. "One of the greatest attributes of Pilates is that the exercises can be modified to challenge people of all fitness levels.  I have personally worked with osteoporotic and Rheumatoid clients and on the same equipment, sometimes even the same day, trained dancers or athletes who enjoy the postural control and strength and flexibility necessary to master the advanced exercises.  Pilates is also great for rehabilitiation from injuries.  I sometimes define it as 'self-chiropractic' because if you do these exercises you will train your muscles to keep your body aligned correctly.  This overall muscle balance is the best way to prevent and/or alleviate chronic pain."Mischala embraces the Pilates mat work as a foundation for grasping the key Pilates principles and learning to utilize the stabilizing muscles known as the "Powerhouse."  Additional she loves the challenges that the reformer and the half trapeze can add to a workout.  But most of all she loves to help people better understand their own bodies and have fun along the way!       

Melinda Nash
Melinda (Peterson) Nash began her professional fitness career in 2001 at the University of Arizona as a group fitness instructor.  In 2004 she became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and has worked with clients of all ages, levels and abilities.  "My personal love of exercise and fitness began at a very young age through involvement in sports and recreational activities.  When she isn't working or caring for her twin toddlers, she loves to challenge herself.  Melinda has completed an Ironman Triathlon, summitted Mount Kilimanjaro and always seems to have another adventure in the works.  "I think the body is an amazing tool and deserves a well rounded workout!" Melinda completed a 350 hour Pilate's instructor program (mat and apparatus) through Arizona Pilates Academy in 2008. She is a graduate of the University of Arizona and is currently working with Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Divison with a clinical speciality.  She works closely with physicians and their patients patients who are undergoing spinal cord stimulation therapy for the treatment of chronic pain.  

Katelyn Bienias

Katelyn took Pilates Reformer classes for two years as she regained much of her core strength post-partum.  Firmly believing in the Pilates method for sculpting the body, she followed her passion and completed the Arizona Pilates Academy Teacher Training program.  Katelyn has seen the benefits of the mind, body and spirit forms of exercise and loves the body awareness, balance, strength, flexibility and toning that Pilates provides.  Katelyn has a Bachelors of Sciences Degree in nursing and has spent her nursing career focused on emergency medicine.  A youth full of gymnastics, ballet and dance team paved the way for Katelyn's passion for fitness and overall wellness, especially in the forms of Pilates and Yoga.  She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels and witnessing the body transformations and relief from body aches and pains. 

Donna Fairfield
Donna has always been active and involved in various types of movement and exercise starting very early with dance and gymnastics.  Later developing a love for road and mountain biking, as well as yoga, it became clear how important it was to combine philosophies of mind and body training.  Donna was first introduced to pilates over 10 years ago taking classes on and off since then. Over time, she found it was always the best place to return to bring the body back to the focus of core strength which provides the groundwork for overall body strength, flexibility and well-being.  Donna has a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing and has been an educator through much of her nursing career teaching peers and nursing students in various aspects of healthcare, as well as an instructor for cardiac rehabilitation.
Donna completed her pilates training at the Arizona Pilates Teacher Training Program encompassing mat and apparatus training, and looks forward to being able to take her experience and help people develop a greater awareness of their body, mind and overall health!

Jeanne Missey

Bio Coming Soon!

Hannah Yeakley

Hannah Yeakley has been practicing Pilates since 2005.  From the time she was very young, she has loved being active.  Hannah teaches Pilates Mat classes at multiple locations in Tucson and is also a Fitness Instructor at the Power Gym for Parkinson's.  She works with people with Parkinsons to help them regain mobility and reverse the effects of the disease.  She is in the process of developing a Pilates class for individuals with Parkinsons.  Whether it's group classes or one-on-ones, she loves creating a space where her students can flourish.

Poolates Instructors

Rebecca Lamanda
Rebecca is in the beginning process of becoming a Registered Nurse.  She is a natural athlete with years of experience in soccer and swimming.  You can find her most mornings jogging through Sabino Canyon.  Rebecca is attending Pima Community College and is a member of the women's soccer team.  Rebecca brings a deep understanding of exercise and fitness to the pool during her Poolates classes.



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