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Tucson Pilates Shop, located in Mid-Valley Athletic Club, is a new studio that wants to welcome you.  Bodies of all ages, gender, shape and condition can benefit from our Pilates workouts.  We want people who are looking for a new way to challenge their body with strength, control and flexibility and also those who are looking to increase stamina, relieve back pain and improve muscle balance and stability.  We have something for everyone!

Our instructors are experienced in teaching students who have been doing Pilates work for years - and students who are brand new. 
We embrace fitness and fun with a new approach to an old style of exercise. Come in and check us out!

What is new at Tucson Pilates Shop?

Tucson Pilates Shop is welcoming two new instructors! 
Katelyn Bienias and Donna Fairfield are now taking clients! 
We are very excited to have them on our team.  Look for new class times and days!

Learn to Teach Pilates!

Jeanne Missey of Arizona Pilates Academy, part of Southern Arizona Pilates Coalition will be hosting a brand new self-directed and concise Pilates Teacher Training Workshop that includes Mat, Reformer, Cadillac and Chair.  Earn CEUs through American Council on Exercise.  
Employment opportunities available upon completition of program! 
Contact us at 520.289.1966 if interested.

Must receive payment to reserve your space in class ($500)

Real Men do Pilates! 
Do you have a man in your life that you know would benefit from flexibility and core strength?
Send them in for a free session. 
If interested...Men only classes available!


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HIPE - High Intensity Pilates Exercise...is going on maternity leave! 

Our Mischala will be welcoming a new addition to her family!  HIPE (High Intensity Pilates Exercise) is a
n hour long full fitness experience!  Burn calories, induce sweat and sculpt your body! By integrating the restorative elements of traditional Pilates, weight training and cardio intervals, this class is designed to reshape your body.  The music will be bumping in this upbeat class.  Participants who take the HIPE challenge will have results of flexibility and a balanced, lean, toned, powerful body! 

HIPE Classes will resume in August!   
$175 for 12 Sessions.
Space is limited.  Call or email to confirm your spot.


Poolates is a new form of Pilates. 
It takes the principles of Pilates (control, breathing, strength, precision and fluidity) into the pool.  Effective and challenging, Poolates is soothing to the mind and spirit and gentler on joints and muscles than land-based exercises. Poolates innovatively uses the buoyancy, resistance, and gentle movement of water to strengthen muscles, enhance flexibility and posture, sharpen coordination and balance, and relax body and soul.

Poolates offers a challenging mind-body workout for everyone –
including swimmers and other aquatic exercisers, Pilates enthusiasts and
people in post-rehab.

Tucson Pilates Shop is the only certified Poolates studio in Arizona.  Be one of the first to join the trend that has Oprah, Martha Stewart and Vogue talking! 

For more information on Poolates check out

Call today to find out how you can join Poolates class!

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